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Tyler, The Creator Tells An Emotional Story About Love In “WILSHIRE”



Tyler goes in depth about a love lost.

Tyler, the Creator’s latest album Call Me If You’re Lost will most likely debut at #1 on Billboard. The project is a dope mix of chill vibes and will energy. DJ Drama is the only DJ who can scream over tracks and make them better somehow, and he brings that energy to the project. Although there are many dope tracks on this album, “WILSHIRE” really hits the spot.

On “WILSHIRE” Tyler raps about a lover that was his friend. The woman he raps about is dating his friend, but secretly they love each other. They never take any action on their love but they are close friends that are in love but can’t be together. The song is one of the longest on the album and features no chorus. Just straight storytelling. It’s dope hearing Tyler just vent through his lyrics with no backing vocals, hook, or features. The calm and smooth instrumental gives the song a touch of levity and clarity as well.

Quotable Lyrics
FaceTimin’, it ain’t ’bout nothin’, you laughin’, packin’ your luggage
It’s nothin’ incriminatin’, but please delete our discussions
You hit me with a look and replied like, “Duh, bitch”
Don’t want your man to think that we creepin’ behind his back
Crossed the line, crossed the line, crossed the— nah, we never did that

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