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Tyler, The Creator & Domo Genesis Reunite On “Manifesto”

Tyler, The Creator/Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment/

Tyler, The Creator/Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment/

Tyler, The Creator and Domo Genesis unleash “MANIFESTO,” their first collaboration since 2016’s “Go (Gas).”

When Tyler, The Creator surprised fans with his new single “LUMBERJACK,” and they heard DJ Drama doing his signature commentary throughout the hard-hitting track, many speculated that Tyler would be in rare form on his new project. Well this Friday, the day has come. The former Odd Future artist has finally released his sixth studio album Call Me If You Get Lost, and critics have already been calling it the culmination of all of his previous work.

Considering that the album hasn’t even been out for a full 24 hours, we’ll let you decide where Call Me If You Get Lost ranks within Tyler, The Creator’s discography, but if there is one song on the album that brings back memories of Tyler’s early work, it’s “MANIFESTO.” The three-minute album cut features Tyler’s longtime collaborator Domo Genesis, and it’s sure to send Odd Future fans into a frenzy.

Domo Genesis (L) and Tyler, The Creator are seen backstage during day one of Tyler, the Creator's 5th Annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival at Exposition Park on November 12, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Reuniting on wax for the first time since 2016Tyler, The Creator and Domo Genesis shine on “MANIFESTO,” which finds the two artists dropping punchy, socially conscious lyrics over an eerie Wolf-esque beat. The former Odd Future artists confront their controversial pasts, downplay cancel culture, and criticize the false solidarity that many corporations and celebrities turn to in times of social unrest.

From crazy beat switches to Tyler admitting that he used to want to have sex with Justin Bieber, “MANIFESTO” is a must-listen. Check it out below, and listen to the rest of Call Me If You Get Losthere.

Quotable Lyrics

I came a long way from my past, n*gga, it’s obvious
V12 engine, I’m fishtailin’ on some sloppy sh*t (Skrrrrt)
Internet bringin’ old lyrics up, like I hide the sh*t
What’s your address, I could probably send you a copy, b*tch
I was canceled before canceled was with Twitter fingers (Haha)
Protestin’ outside my shows, I gave them the middle finger (F*ck ’em)

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