Royce Royce Da 5’9″ & Lupe Fiasco Trade Bars On Instagram

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Royce da 5’9″ posts snippets of “C. Delores” to his Instagram, prompting a bar-filled tirade from Lupe Fiasco.

This month marked the four-year anniversary of Royce Da 5’9″‘s fourth installment in his Bar Exam mixtape series and eleventh mixtape overall, The Bar Exam 4. As previously reported upon its release, The Bar Exam was riddled with mind-blowing bars, and over 28 tracks, Nickle bodied instrumentals from Playboi CartiFuture, Shelley FKA DRAM, and Big Sean, among several notable Hip-Hop artists.

One track, in particular, stood out though: “C. Delores,” the first actual song on The Bark Exam 4, which found Royce Da 5’9″ attacking Lupe Fiasco’s 2015 track “Mural.” Four years later, it looks like Royce is still impressed with his work on the mixtape, as he has been sharing snippets of songs like “C. Delores” to his Instagram.

“I tried to put the fear of God in you on here @lupefiasco [arrow on target emoji],” Royce said in the caption of his “C. Delores” post. “You, Los, soul and Cyhi was on my list of people to terminate.. Y’all were too good and y’all talked too gotdam much….”

Having been tagged in Royce’s post, Lupe Fiasco responded to his podcast co-host’s post, and to many users’ surprise, his response came in the form of bars.

“That’s very @jerrylorenzo of you, to recognize when somethings above,” Lupe writes back. “But you can save that futuristic ball of lightning you call excitement over ya writin for Sean’s momma, Connor meets Contra honestly but even Popeye can move a biscuit so my mantras is calm conquers, don’t use the mirror mirror on that wall with too much gaul you’ll call monsters.”

Screenshot of Lupe Fiasco Instgram Comment 6/25/2021
Lupe Fiasco/Instagram

Lupe continues his caption/verse by writing, “Coach out don dada’s shottas from all under up the couch and not no Paul Gasols potna, pour gasoline all over those softly evolved entourage sponsored psalms, you’ve already been solved, if you saw my true scrawls you would dissolve, don’t invite war if you can’t rap around raw, I mean you’ll catch L’s and W’s that’s just the law, I snuck the tech in even though security saw, hens be havin chickens thinking it’s all gravy because they ran with the slaw, naw…”

Do you think these lyrics are from a shelved Lupe Fiasco song directed towards Royce or is this simply an off-the-top response to Royce’s latest post?

Revisit “C. Delores” by Royce da 5’9″ below and the rest of The Bar Exam 4 here.

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