Jeezy Prefers “Plain Jane” Watches, Calls Buying Expensive Richard Mille Pieces “A Phase”

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He respects the flex, but these days, simpler watches make him feel “powerful.”

When it comes to jewelry, Jeezy knows all too well what’s it is like to own the flashiest, most show-stopping expensive pieces. As a veteran of the Rap game who has been spinning hits for decades, Jeezy is familiar with the iced-out jewels that come with the career, however, he’s toned things down just a bit as he’s matured. The newlywed sat down with GQ recently for their “10 Things I Can’t Live Without” series, and he had an interesting take on how he chooses his watches these days.

“I do own a lot of watches but I try to keep it plain as possible,” said Jeezy. “I just feel like that’s more powerful for me.”

Jeezy, Watch
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“When you walk around and you look like it and you feel good and you can actually tell the time with your watch, I think that shows what type of person you are,” he continued. “With or without the stones. I like to do the Plain Jane. Gotta have that Rollie.”

He was then asked about his opinions on young artists spending money on expensive Richard Mille pieces. “I respect it, you know, you gotta think, when I came in the game, I had every piece of jewelry you could name, every watch there was with diamonds in it,” said Jeezy.

“We all gotta go through that phase. It’s a phase. You get into your money, you wanna spend it. I respect it. Just for me, a lot of places that I go, it doesn’t require that, but when I do pop out and I need that, I got a few of those, too. But I like to do the Plain Jane.”

Check out Jeezy’s sitdown with GQ below.

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