Tory Lanez Tweets About “Disloyalty,” Fans Think It’s About Megan Or DaBaby

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Megan & DaBaby recently got into a little argument online regarding his “SKAT” collab with Lanez.

He was able to secure DaBaby‘s feature for “SKAT,” a collaboration that is still trending, but Tory Lanez‘s latest song has caused a bit of controversy. When it was first announced back in January, his fans weren’t sure if his union with DaBaby would hit streaming services. Megan Thee Stallion was known as DaBaby’s “work wife,” as they’d collaborated on several tracks together, so she seemed to suggest that there was no way that her friend’s song with Lanez would be cleared.

However, we recently received “SKAT” in all of its glory along with a music video, and the fallout happened in 4K on social media after Megan and DaBaby exchanged a few words.

What resulted in public life is that they no longer follow each other on social media, but we’ll never truly know what has occurred behind closed doors. While Lanez hasn’t directly addressed the controversy, he’s stirred one of his pots by sharing two enigmatic tweets that have left fans believing he’s addressing either Megan or DaBaby.

“Disloyalty is a Disconnect for me ……” he wrote in one tweet. He followed up with, “Why lie when u could have just told the truth.” Now, granted, this could be about, well, anything, but the internet doesn’t rest and they’ve speculated all sorts of scenarios. Megan and Lanez’s ongoing court battle continues, but these tweets have once again lit the fire of the internet.

Check out a few responses below.

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