New & Hottest Songs – June 2021 – Pt.21

Justin Bieber Taps OGs Snoop Dogg, Usher, & Ludacris For “Peaches Remix”

Def Jam 2021

Def Jam 2021

Justin Bieber connects with Ludacris, Usher, and Snoop Dogg for a new remix to his hit single “Peaches.”

Justin Bieber has never really had trouble crafting a hit, and his recent “Peaches” with Giveon and Daniel Caesar has been among his biggest in recent memory. It’s therefore no surprise that the Canadian national treasure decided to double down with a second serving, this time shifting his focus to some of hip-hop and r&b’s beloved OGs. Today, Bieber has come through with a Remix to “Peaches,” featuring Snoop DoggUsher, and Ludacris on deck.

With Luda charged with setting the tone, his signature cadence brings new energy to the melodic and breezy single. “All these candy-coated kisses, you my strawberry shortcake,” he raps. “That ass’ll make me catch a charge and miss the court day.” Usher proceeds to hold it down, matching Luda’s energy with some sensual lyrics. “Wonder where she learned to bounce that booty,” sings the observant Ush.”What’s her secret? I bet her momma went to Freaknik.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Snoop opts to represent for the California bud, his charisma keeping him engaging throughout. “Land of the tree, home is the base,” he raps. “Kush in my woods, smokin’ with grace / Pass it around and give them a taste / And you can tell that it’s fire by the look on they face.”

Check out the new remix to “Peaches” now.


All these candy-coated kisses, you my strawberry shortcake
That ass’ll make me catch a charge and miss the court day
Sweet as honeydew, watch me kneel right in front of you
We’ll set the world on fire, then light a blunt or two

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