New & Hottest Songs – June 2021 – Pt.17

Jim Jones & Ron Browz Reunite On “I Started This”



Ron Browz and Jim Jones team up for a new banger.

It’s been roughly 10 years since Ron Browz released his debut album but even before that moment, he had racked up some legendary production credits. And while he may have produced one of the best diss tracks with “Ether,” the club bangers he’s released have continued to resonate to this day. On top of his production, his hook game has proven to be equally hard.

“Pop Champagne” with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana was just a glimpse into Browz’ chemistry with Dipset. On Friday, he slid through with a brand new record alongside Jim Jones titled, “I Started This.” Claiming their rightful credit, the two artists share boastful bars over heavy trap production for an anthem that will probably be on rotation at your local hookah bar.

Quotable Lyrics
Tell them n***as that I started this shit
My watch got that WAP, new Carti on the wrist
The whole fuckin’ summer, we up in Harlem drinkin’ rich

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