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Lucky Daye Releases Powerful “Running Blind”

Hollywood Records, Inc.

Hollywood Records, Inc.

The track is set to be featured on one of ESPN’s curated playlists celebrating Juneteenth.

With Juneteenth, the holiday commemorating emancipation of slaves on June 19th, right around the corner, ESPN has released a few different playlists frequently updated with songs from prominent black artists. Lucky Daye’s “Running Blind” has made the cut on the Music for the Movement vol. 3 playlist and it surely deserves it. Daye, a New Orleans singer-songwriter, delivers on this introspective track that delves into the destruction of Black culture and livelihood. The song tackles themes of national amnesia, lack of recognized history, and the impacts that generations of trauma can have on an individual.

Instrumentally, the track is beautifully dense. The track is driven by consistent strikes of a wobbly guitar that progresses the urgency of the song. A steadily increasing and beating drum line compliments this well and becomes progressively more complex as the verses build up to the chorus.

The highlight of the song, however, comes with Daye’s commanding voice and impeccable vocal range. The singer’s voice has a very special rasp to it, reminiscent of talents like Anderson .Paak, that makes the lyrics that much more emotive. Daye is also able to lift his voice in and out of a falsetto so seamlessly, further evidencing his vocal capabilities. This is all topped off nicely with layered vocal harmonies that power the background of the verse and chorus.

The song is sure to make a statement and impress listeners of the Music for the Movement vol. 3 playlist. Will you be checking it out?

Quotable Lyrics

Take the time to get my mind right (Ooh)
Gotta paint a better picture with you (Ah, ooh)
I ain’t waitin’ ’til the paint dry (Ooh)
We get higher when we playin’ fly (Ah, ooh)
Strip the ***** of his timeline
But as long as we got stripper pictures in our timeline (Ooh)
All nights be alright (Alright, ooh, ooh)

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