GoldLink Announces New Album With Single “White Walls”

2021 RCA Records

2021 RCA Records

GoldLink returns with “White Walls,” taking a shot at Sheck Wes and teasing his upcoming sonic direction.

GoldLink has come through to deliver his new single “White Walls,” which arrives complete with some trippy visuals and a hard-hitting beat by Rio. It’s certainly an interesting direction for the Washington artist, who slides over the urgent synthesizers with frantic energy.

“My hotel bigger than your house, rode to the bounce, sell ’em by the ounce,” he raps, his voice tinged in slight overdrive. “I don’t do that, sell by the pound / Sex with me, go four rounds.” GoldLink opts to take a laid-back approach insofar as the song’s structure is concerned, though that’s no to say he’s resting on his laurels. Case in point, a dagger aimed firmly at Sheck Wes and tossed with serious intent.

Though Link only delivers a single verse, it’s evident that he’s in an interesting place creatively. Overall, “White Walls” feels closer to a warm-up for things to come, and one has to wonder if he’ll be exploring this sound further on his upcoming album Haram, which is set to land on June 18th. Check out the tracklist for that below, and be sure to sound off with your comments if you’re excited for new GoldLink.

01 Extra Clip feat. NLE Choppa
02 202
03 White Walls
04 Spit On It feat. Rizloski
05 Terrordome
06 Evian feat. PinkPantheresss, Rizloski & Rax
07 Raindrops feat. Flo Milli
08 Twin feat. Rich The Kid
09 Girl Pacino feat. Deji Okeze
10 Thump Chronicles Vol. 1 feat. Pressa & Digga
11 Culture Clash feat. Fire!
12 Wayne Perry feat. LukeyWorld
13 Wild and Lethal Trash! feat. Fire! & Santigold
14 Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk feat. Jesse Boykins III
15 Cindy’s Daughter feat. Bibi Bourelly


My hotel bigger than your house
Rode to the bounce, sell ’em by the ounce
I don’t do that, sell by the pound
Sex with me, go four rounds
Play with my style, show me respect
Comin’ at your neck
I don’t show up but give me a check

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