Honestly, is there anything Rihanna can’t do? The pop star turned fashion and beauty connoisseur has been taking a much-earned break from the music industry since releasing Anti to build her colossal empire. While fans continue to beg for new music from the hitmaker, she’s singlehandedly changed the beauty and lingerie game as we knew it with her Fenty lines.

Throughout the course of her stellar career, she’s managed to grace the cover of nearly every major publication. For her latest Vogue Italia cover, the Basian beauty tried her hand at styling and photography for the shoot.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

“The do it yourself issue,” captioned the 33-year-old songstress in the caption of the cover photo she shared to her Instagram followers. She stunned in a sexy mesh cutout dress for the photo, pairing the gown with strappy heels showing off her infamous legs–which were once insured by Gillette for $1 million.

Vogue Italia Editor-In-Chief Emanuele Farneti spoke candidly about how the self-directed shoot came together. “On set Rihanna played simultaneously the artist and the muse, the observer and the observed, the director and the character, experimenting on the fine line that exists between the two sides of an artist. In recent years we have tried to use our cover in many different ways: with photography or illustrations, or with no images at all.”

“But we’ve never invited the featured person to do everything by themselves: to pose, take the photographs and choose the clothes to wear. If there was a right occasion for this new experiment, it could only have been the DIY issue,” continued Farneti. “Neither could there have been a better protagonist than Rihanna – who has appeared on so many covers, but never like this time in the version in which she, and only she, has chosen to portray herself, without filters or any mediation.”

In other Rihanna news, A$AP Rocky recently confirmed he was dating the superstar in an interview, dubbing her “the love of his life.”