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Meek Mill Tackles Drake & Rick Ross’s “Lemon Pepper Freestyle”

Via YouTube

Via YouTube

Meek Mill goes in on “Lemon Pepper Freestyle.”

Meek Mill‘s been keeping quiet lately, in part due to the backlash he receives any time he’s on social media. However, he’s been cooking up too, and hopefully, a new album is in stores this year. On Friday night, the rapper popped back out with a fiery new freestyle over Drake and Rick Ross‘ “Lemon Pepper Freestyle.” It’s an excellent display of his penmanship as an MC but it also showcases some refinery in his flow and his delivery. His voice will flare up with flashbacks of his battle rap days before bringing it back down a notch as he reflects on survival, from the streets of Philadelphia to the corporate board rooms he frequents.

Over the past few months, Meek’s been ramping up expectations for the follow-up to Championships. In the nearly three years since the album’s release, Meek has certainly been expanding his business ventures but he’s also done some incredibly impressive work with REFORM Alliance in pushing for probation and parole reform.

Peep the latest from Meek Mill below. Are you feeling it?

Quotable Lyrics
I ain’t forgettin’ where I come from but I’m alert that
It’s kill or be killed, if they don’t kill you, you gon’ have to smoke that
In 8th grade, I had a .40, had to learn to work that
Had to learn to tuck that, metal detector, fuck that

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