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Nicki Minaj Puts The Game On Notice On “Fractions”



Nicki Minaj addresses the naysayers on “Fractions.”

Drake summed it up on Instagram Live on Thursday night: the game misses Nicki Minaj‘s presence. It’s been three years since the release of Queen and fans have been longing to hear new music from Nicki, in whatever form it comes in. Following hints of new music to come, Nicki surprisingly didn’t launch an NFT like one would’ve expected her to do but instead, uploaded her breakout mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty to streaming services.

The re-release includes a few new tracks including “Fractions” which she began teasing on Tuesday. The muddy production shares the same sample as Jay-Z’s “Where I’m From.” Nicki uses the moment to address the online rumors seemingly pertaining to allegations of sexual assault against her husband, Kenneth Petty. Beyond that, “Fractions” serves as a moment for Nicki to assert her dominance after a hiatus with straight bars and no hooks, weaving through the production with slick wordplay and plenty of quotables.

Peep the track below.

Quotable Lyrics
It’s them weak bars thinkin’ that she dissin’ for me
I graded your homework, bitch, it’s incomplete
If you was trying to be my son, then mission complete
I’m the final level bitch, they on a mission to beat

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