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Westside Boogie Reps His Shady Ties On “Coochie”

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

Ahead of his big album release, Westside Boogie reps his Shady connections in his new freestyle “Coochie.”

Shortly after a quick detour in Detroit to turn in his new album to Eminem for the green light, Westside Boogie has returned with yet another new pre-game freestyle. As per tradition, the runtime for “Coochie” is a little under two minutes, but Boogie manages to deliver no shortage of bars over the hazy production.

“The homie told me bout a scam he trying to run back,” he begins, sporting a Slim Shady t-shirt to further rep his allegiance. “I ain’t gon lie I kinda feel like he want Trump back.” The onslaught continues as Boogie relishes in getting utterly disrespectful, a vibe that suits the generally introspective emcee just fine. “Shoutout Eminem he came to Compton just to save me,” spits Boogie. “But ask my hoes they’ll let you know who really Shady.”

While it’s unclear as to whether or not Boogie will keep this energy throughout his upcoming album, it’s certainly made for an engaging rollout. Check out “Coochie” now, and sound off if you’re excited to see a new album from the Compton rapper.


Who gave a Draco to my youngin from the gang?
Got his head up in the clouds, I knew nothin’ was the same
You could look up in the field, through the mud and the terrain
And you still won’t find no dirt up on my name

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