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Tierra Whack Returns With New Single “Link”

2021 Interscope Records

2021 Interscope Records

Tierra Whack draws inspiration from LEGO in her melodic new single “Link,” which arrives complete with some colorful visuals.

Tierra Whack may not operate under the busiest schedule, but the scarcity with which she drops makes every release feel like a special occasion. And while many are still patiently waiting for the lyricist to deliver a studio album follow-up to Whack World, one can not rush an artist who so carefully moves at their own pace. Today, Whack has come through to deliver a new single in “Link,” a bubbly and melodic track that comes complete with some colorful visuals.

Conceptually, much of “Link” draws inspiration from LEGO, with whom she partnered for the accompanying music video. “Orange, green, yellow,
purple, red,” she raps. “Building up an empire, taking over the entire world, so many pieces, leave em all speechless.” While some might have been hoping to see her picking up where her “Whack History Month” freestyles left off, “Link” effectively showcases Whack’s versatility, proving once again that one must always expect the unexpected whenever she drops new music.

Check it out for yourself now, and sound off if you’re eager to see a complete project from Tierra Whack.


Queen of the block
I can make it stack,
It won’t ever drop
Creating something special
Orange, green, yellow, purple, red
Building up an empire
Taking over the entire world

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