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Erica Banks Warns Haters To Never Play With Her “Motherf*ckin’ Pen” On Her “Jump Off” Freestyle

Erica Banks/YouTube

Erica Banks/YouTube

Erica Banks pushes for the 10th XXL Freshman spot with a confident freestyle over Lil Kim’s classic single “The Jump Off.”

The running for the 10th spot in the highly-anticipated 2021 XXL Freshman Class is tight. Metro Marrs, Kevo Muney, Yung Bleu, Symba, OMB Peezy, Deante’ Hitchcock, and countless other artists are all in the running for the coveted position, but one artist whose momentum might help them secure the 10th spot is Erica Banks. Known for her viral breakout hit “Buss It” and the equally infectious “Toot That,” the Dallas, Texas-based rapper has been one of the hardest working rising rappers as of late.

At the top of March, Erica Banks unleashed a melodic freestyle over another viral hit, Mooski’s inescapable “Track Star,” and now, the Texas rapper has returned with a freestyle that pays homage to the original Queen of Rap: Lil’ Kim. For her latest E-MIX, Erica Banks bodies the instrumental to Lil’ Kim’s classic 2003 single “The Jump Off,” and you can hear the hunger and passion throughout her two-minute freestyle.

Check it out below, and let us know if you think Erica Banks deserves the 10th spot in the forthcoming XXL Freshman Class.

Quotable Lyrics

First off, checkin’ in, I ain’t never checkin’ out
Every time I eat the beat, they be like: “Who you checkin’ out?”
This is rap, baby, I thought this is what the check about
Been the shit, I been legit, now take a pic to check me out

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