New & Hottest Songs – April 2021 – Pt.3

Westside Gunn Styles On The Game With “Julia Lang”

2021 Griselda Records

2021 Griselda Records

Westside Gunn comes through with his second drop of the day, spitting bars over synthesizers on “Julia Lang.”

Westside Gunn may be one of today’s foremost voices in contemporary gangsta rap, but the Griselda visionary also happens to have a deep understanding of the art scene. It’s part of what makes him such a compelling lyricist, as his stream of consciousness verses tend to toe the line between both hyper-stylized worlds. Now, with the upcoming Hitler Wears Hermes 8 in the pipeline, Gunn has come through to deliver a pair of new singles from the project — the Beat Butcher/Daringer produced “TV BOY” (stream that here) and the Camouflage Monk-laced “Julia Lang.”

Driven by a filthy synth-driven instrumental, Gunn dives in with a purpose, proving once again that his lyrical prowess is not to be slept on. Though the track doesn’t exactly last long — clocking in at a little under a minute before fading out mid-bar — there’s enough energy to please Gunn fans. “Yo, me and Julia Lang whippin’ ‘caine with a hanger,” he raps. “Sellin’ dope like ’94, I’m talkin’ bakin’ with a pager.”

Check out “Julia Lang” now, complete with some new visuals, and keep an eye out for more news on the upcoming HWH 8: Sincerely Adolf. 


Ayo, my Yeezys lookin’ like moon boots
My man killed my other man, it’s a lose-lose
Stick swingin’, dumpin’ out the moon roof

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