Though Ja Rule‘s involvement in the notorious Fyre Festival will forever remain part of his legacy, that’s not to say it’s entirely without benefits. Considering how many have subsequently seen the gallows humor in the whole Fyre Festival situation, it’s not entirely surprising to see this zany new development come to pass.

Ja Rule

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

As it happens, Ja recently staged an auction for a Fyre Festival painting he commissioned; according to Complex, the Tripp Derrick Barnes painting (commissioned for $2,000 dollars, as per Forbes) originally hung in the company’s New York office before being transferred over to Ja Rule‘s home. Evidently, Rule moved to put the artwork up for auction, citing the negative energy he feels it carries. Though he originally intended to auction it off on eBay, he ultimately decided to go the NFT route, staging the auction on his own Flipkick NFT-trading platform.

Though you’d think Fyre fanaticism would have faded by now, the painting ultimately went on to fetch quite the hefty selling price, apparently being sold for an NFT worth an approximated $122,000. According to a report from Forbes, the winner also received a handwritten note from Ja, who playfully declared “fuck this painting” in the item notes.

Following the purchase, Ja took to Twitter to celebrate accordingly, sharing a receipt of the final tally and offering up a decisive “goodnight.” Clearly, the former Murder Inc rapper-turned-cryptocurrency mogul is doing something right, and we’re curious to see how his foray into the world of Non-Fungible-Tokens develops in the future.