Though Snoop Dogg was certainly no friend to former President Donald Trump, his philosophy ensures that when it comes to the memes, anybody can get it. Case in point, the Doggfather recently took to Instagram to poke fun at President Joe Biden, who recently made headlines after repeatedly stumbling during a climb up the stairs of Air Force One.

Snoop Dogg

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Though many wrote the moment off as simple clumsiness, others expressed concern with the President’s health and mobility, using it as further ammunition against his position in office. While it doesn’t appear that Snoop Dogg falls into such a category, it’s clear he does see the humor in Biden’s viral gaffe, offering the President a recommendation for a possible solution.

“I got moms One of these for her stairs before and it was a smooth glide ya dig,” writes Snoop, alongside a doctored video of Biden ascending the extensive steps while seated on an assisted-stair climber. “Good shit joe.” At this point, it’s clear that there’s nothing the internet won’t cook up, and it’s evident that Snoop is content to watch the chaos unfold with a smile on his face. Perhaps it’s a soft rebuttal to the recent reports that Joe Biden’s team was moving to fire staffers with a history of marijuana use, a topic that Snoop holds close to heart.

Check out Snoop Dogg’s reaction to the Biden meme below.