Los Angeles rapper Drakeo The Ruler shared some hot takes on social media this week, mouthing off against his fellow West Coast rap stars and claiming superiority over them. He said that he’s the best rapper alive from California, effectively dissing Snoop DoggKendrick LamarThe Game, and dozens of other prolific forces from the state. During his tweeting spree, Drakeo specifically took aim at Snoop, saying that nobody under the age of 30 listens to The Doggfather.



His comments seem to have sparked some commentary from California’s music scene, particularly Game and Snoop, who made separate remarks about the state of the game, and how untied its rappers are, on the West Coast.

Chelsea Lauren/BET/Getty Images

“The problem wit California rappers is n***as don’t really f*ck wit each other like the ATL & NY n***as do,” said The Game on Twitter. “When I came up, I was the only young n***a ON ON & I extended my self to as many new n***as as I could & have always protected the WEST BY ANY MEANS!



While some people have disputed his claims that New York sticks together, pointing out the numerous issues that have arisen from the city’s rap scene, the general sentiment seems to be echoing Game’s words in the comments. When the tweet was reposted by The Shade Room, Snoop Dogg noticed it and added his two cents. “I back that and am one to start that,” said Snoop in the comments. Lyrica Anderson said the statement could also apply to singers in California. “This goes for singers to which is sooooo true,” she said. “It’s fake support if it is.”

Do you think there will ever be a united rap force in California like we’ve seen in Atlanta and other cities in the country? And do you agree that California-based rappers don’t necessarily always stick together?