Megan. Thee. Stallion. Over the years, the Houston Hottie has leveled up to become one of the strongest forces in the music industry, getting close with Beyoncé and Jay-Z and delivering some outstanding musical releases. With “Savage”, the superstar rapper reaped the benefits of her incredible rise by bringing home three Grammy Awards, including for Best New Artist. She’s been celebrating with her boyfriend, rapper Pardison Fontaine, but she continues to keep her fans updated with photo and video content on social media.

The tour de force isn’t only a threat when it comes to her music. Megan can shut down the internet in a matter of minutes when she posts a new picture, repeating the cycle with each new thirst trap. She’s developed a method that keeps on paying off, posting some of her hottest pictures, dropping jaws, and doing it all over again. She came through once again this week, sharing some eye-catching pics on Instagram.

In between posts of her stunning Grammy Awards gown, Stalli got into Young Tina Snow form by draping herself in a diamond-dripping ensemble, complete with a bedazzled cowboy hat and a crystal thong. The pictures are available to buy as posters on Megan’s shop. “Honestly just waiting for HotGirl summer to start,” wrote the rapper as her caption.

In a second post, she showed off some of her favorite assets, highlighting her bust and behind without even showing her face. The post was meant to showcase her new nails, but we all know nobody was paying attention to her manicure. “Uon even gotta see yo face to know u fine,” wrote Yung Baby Tate in the comments.

Check out some of Megan’s latest pictures and let us know which one is your favorite.