Cardi B‘s commercial prowess is reaching insurmountable heights, and she hasn’t even dropped off her anticipated sophomore album yet. She has, however, delivered a pair of singles from the forthcoming project: the Megan Thee Stallion-assisted “WAP,” and her most recent release “Up.” While the former has proven to be a runaway hit, not to mention the bane of many people’s existence (Candace Owens included), “Up” appears destined to follow-suit — at least to an extent.

Cardi B

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Though it lacks much of “WAP’s” overt sexual magnetism, the simple banger has certainly made an impression already, having officially gone platinum only a little over a month after its release. An impressive feat, and further proof that Cardi B is incapable of dropping a song that doesn’t succeed on the commercial front. At this rate, she’s the proud recipient of thirty-one RIAA certifications, including one Diamond plaque for “Bodak Yellow.” On that note, “I Like It” and “WAP” will likely elevate to diamond status in the near future.

Undeniably, Cardi tends to elicit strong reactions from both fans and haters alike, a quality that has likely helped boost her rampant success. Should her sophomore album indeed arrive this year as expected, it’s all but guaranteed that Cardi will be looking at another slew of gold and platinum plaques to add to her already expansive collection. At this rate, she’s already two for two.