His scandal resulted in him leaving his job over at Hot 97, but DJ Mister Cee doesn’t hide from his controversies. In both 2011 and 2013, Mister Cee was arrested in connection with prostitution allegations—the former involved a transgender sex worker and the latter case reportedly involved Cee soliciting an undercover police officer. He’s spoken openly about his run-ins with the law and his attractions in the past, but he once again explained his preferences while on the Kitchen Talk Podcast with Maino.

My story’s well-documented. I just wanna know how you got down,” Mister Cee told the rapper. Maino responded that he is only interested in women and asked Cee if he liked “tr*nnies.” Cee answered, “That’s what I do. You know what I do.” He was then asked if he considers himself to be gay. “I’ve answered that question way back when when I got arrested in 2011 and 2013… I consider myself try-sexual. I’ll try anything. Literally, not anything, but the point I’m making is is that—the only thing I’ve done with transexuals is that I got top, head from a transexual. I’ve never penetrated.”

Maino chimed in with a few questions. “Never hit a n*gga? Not one time?” Mister Cee doubled down that sexual intercourse hasn’t occurred. Maino struggled with understanding what Mister Cee’s attraction is to transwomen because the rapper views them as men. Cee replied that they are “transexual” women, so he doesn’t see them as male.

As the conversation continued, Maino attempted to wrap his head around what Mister Cee was telling him. After Cee confirmed that he prefers men who dress like or live their lives as women, Maino laughed out loud. Check out the clip below.