Her recent photo spread has been the talk of the day (March 5) after Doja Cat‘s cover story for V Magazine was released. The Los Angeles artist is depicted as a futuristic, plastic-like human doll, a shoot helmed by photographers Steven Klein and Jason Ebeyer, and inside, Doja caught with SZA who acted as her interviewer. SZA gushed over Doja’s rise and influence, especially on TikTok as many of her songs have gone viral including “Say So” and “Streets.”

The ladies discussed Doja’s forthcoming, eclectic, “divine feminine” album Planet Her. Doja wouldn’t detail her collaborations, but she did explain why she decided to work with those mystery artists. “It’s people that I respect and I’m extremely excited about having on the album and it’s a full-circle moment for me, basically,” said Doja, who notes that SZA is on the record. “Just knowing that I have you on it is just sexy. It’s perfect. I feel confident. It doesn’t feel like something out of myself, you know? I feel like I’m doing what I want to do.”

Doja’s ability to blend genres or even cross into new lanes is something that SZA seemed to admire. “I really feel like I relate the most to you because between the pre-TDE sh*t and crossing that path, I always felt like I couldn’t fit into anything,” said the singer. “That my music isn’t ‘Black enough’ with ‘Drew Barrymore.’ Or I’m doing sh*t that’s strange. I never felt that as a Black girl, I could make music and be in these realms. You make music in all these other realms and make it sound like it touched my inner mind and spirit.”

“It’s like, you’re exactly who I needed when I was in high school [and] college,” SZA added. “I just wanted to feel like it’s ok to be an individual that isn’t really planted but is highly mutable and superfluid. Working with you was literally my dream.” At the end of the interview, SZA wanted to know if Doja was ready to reach superstardom like many other pop princesses of the past.

“Are you ready to be Britney Spears? ‘Cause that’s where you’re headed. Do you know that?” asked SZA. “You’re going to be a f**king global, like, number one sensation. Cause there’s never been anybody like you. You’re literally about to be Britney Spears, and I can’t wait.”