Notorious B.I.G. & Eminem Embraced Depravity On “Dead Wrong”

1999 Bad Boy Records

1999 Bad Boy Records

The Notorious B.I.G and Eminem connected for a diabolical, depraved, and delightful duet “Dead Wrong.”

No matter what ends up happening on March 9th, today will forever be marred by the death of The Notorious B.I.G, who died on this day twenty-four years ago. By now, it’s no secret that Biggie is a lyrical genius, easily one of the culture’s defining writers and an enduring example of excellent penmanship. It feels appropriate to highlight one of the rapper’s many brilliant tracks — as well as one of his most depraved — in “Dead Wrong,” a posthumous collaboration with Eminem.

Over an unsettling horn-driven beat, Biggie gives all the way into his villainous urges, embracing all the thrills of hedonism and violence as he spits methodical and brutal bars. “Biggie Smalls for mayor, the rap slayer,” he spits, introducing himself to the unaware. “The hooker layer, motherfucker, say your prayers / Hail Mary, full of grace, smack the bitch in the face.” Not long after, he declares himself to be more ruthless than Lucifer himself, leaving little reason to doubt him. “Disrespect me, my potency is deadly,” he warns. “I’m shooting babies — no ifs, ands or maybes.”

Who better to match Biggie’s madcap depravity than Slim Shady himself, who steps in to close things off with a dexterous verse. By now, his opening stanza has become iconic. “There’s several different levels to Devil worshiping,” he spits. “Horses’ heads, human sacrifices, cannibalism, candles and exorcism / Animals, having sex with ’em, camels, mammals and rabbits / But I don’t get into that, I kicked the habit.”

Easily one of the most twisted duets in hip-hop history, especially when you factor in the combined level of lyrical excellence, “Dead Wrong” remains an essential part of both Biggie and Slim’s respective catalogs. Check it out for yourself now, and show some love to the late, great Notorious B.I.G in the comments below.


Disrespect me, my potency is deadly
I’m shooting babies — no ifs, ands or maybes
Hit mummy in the tummy if the hooker plays a dummy
Slit the wrist of little sis after she sucked the dick

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