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Chika Covers Billie Eilish’s “My Future” For “Spotify Singles”

Spotify Singles

Spotify Singles

Chika delivers a stunning acoustic rendition of Billie Eilish’s “My Future” for a new Spotify Singles release.

For the second of her two recently released Spotify Singles (which arrive in celebration of her Best New Artist Grammy nomination), Chika has decided to share a cover of Billie Eilish’s emotional slow-burner “My Future.” Though Chika is more than capable of spitting high-caliber bars, she’s also in possession of some serious melodic chops, which happen to be on full display throughout this new two-pack. Retaining the spirit of Eilish’s original, Chika’s version is decidedly more laid-back, stripping away the percussion in favor of a lush acoustic arrangement that really highlights the melody and chord progression.

“I picked ‘my future’ by Billie Eilish as my BNA cover for Spotify because the song is beautiful and presents an interesting opportunity to talk about where I am as an artist, especially on the heels of this nomination,” explains Chika, speaking on her new Spotify Singles release. “My present is moving so fast that each passing moment is practically the future already. And I’m in love with the ride I’m on.”  Should you be interested in hearing reimagined takes on existing hits — realized by talented and creative artists at that — check this one out right now.


I know supposedly I’m lonely now
Know I’m supposed to be unhappy
Without someone
But aren’t I someone?

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