When it comes to hip-hop friendship, DJ Khaled may very well boast a nigh-unparalleled contact list. Largely nonconfrontational by nature —  except, of course, should you dethrone his number-one debut on the Billboard charts — Khaled has built up no shortage of high-profile bromances with some of the game’s most powerful artists. Case in point, the Khaled Khaled hitmaker recently spent a busy All-Star Weekend with the legendary Diddy, and you already knew some mogul talk transpired.

DJ Khaled Diddy

 Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Khaled made sure to highlight some pictures from their weekend get-together, praising his pal’s acumen as a negotiator. “Diddy is a great negotiator,” captions Khaled. “So am I ! Swipe to capture us closing new deals.” He follows-up the image with another, in which he and Puff take a contemplative stroll by the ocean. “STILL IN THE MEETING,” he captions, a far cry from the average corporate meeting that tends to plague the average worker. Clearly, such are the benefits of perseverance, hustle, and confidence — all of which Khaled does his best to exude on a daily basis.

On that note, Khaled made sure to highlight the latter quality in a third and final pic of he and Diddy’s weekend link-up. “Confidence is [key],” he writes, clearly ready for a quick dip in the pool. “Happy all star Weekend! billi & Diddy, the brand that’s worth a lot! THE LIGHT IS LOVE.
POSITIVE VIBES ONLY.” Check out the images of Diddy and Khaled’s big get-together, and look for further news on the latter’s upcoming studio album Khaled Khaleddue out soon.