Fans are waiting for the next project from King Push to arrive. It’s been roughly three years since he released DAYTONA and on a musical front, he’s been relatively low-key. A new album has been in the works but Push is basking in the luxury of time that only an artist of his caliber can afford these days. We know what Push is capable of doing on wax so, the wait will ultimately be worth it.

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We’ve received few updates over the years about Push’s next move but he did previously hint that his next project would include production from both Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. Steven Victor recently hopped on IG Live with Complex Music where he offered some promising updates on Push’s follow-up to DAYTONA. For one, he said that Push’s album is “coming along fantastic” before confirming that the project would consist of production entirely handled by Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.

We’re excited to hear what Pusha T has in store, especially since just a month ago, Upscale Vandal said that Push was making “the best music of his life.” Given that Pharrell and Kanye West are both on board for this project, it’s not hard to believe that would be the case.

Elsewhere during Steven Victor’s IG live, he also discussed Pop Smoke, as well as his posthumous appearance in Boogie. “Yeah, Pop was really good. Part of the reason why he’s in the movie [Boogie] is because I reached out to Ralph and Eddie and told them how good of a basketball player he was and that he should have a role in the movie,” he said.

In terms of new music, he didn’t reveal too much but he did indicate that Rico Beats seems to be in possession of many tracks from Pop’s vault.

Are you excited for Pusha T’s next project?

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