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Chance The Rapper Snaps On Self-Produced SIngle “The Heart & The Tongue”

Chance The Rapper via YouTube

Chance The Rapper via YouTube

Chance the Rapper shares the self-directed video to his raw new single “The Heart & The Tongue.”

Regardless of how you feel about Chance the Rapper’s polarizing debut album The Big Day, the Chicago rapper is still one of the most gifted artists in Hip-Hop. Since the release of The Big Day, Chance has been constantly bouncing back in forth between praise and ridicule, having starred in Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow as well as endured an ugly legal battle with his ex-manager Pat Cocoran. Now, in his raw new single “The Heart & The Tongue,” the Acid Rap artist admits that he feels conflicted as of late.

Today, the rapper shared “The Heart & The Tongue” as a self-directed music video posted to YouTube. Over the course of its 2:38-runtime, Chance bodies the sample-driven production (produced by himself as well as DexLvL) and candidly reflects on the conflict that he’s been facing personally as well as the contradicting politics of socety. From calling out public leaders to reflecting on his bouts of complacency, “The Heart & The Tongue” is a more than welcomed new effort from Chance, and hopefully, it serves as a sample of the rapper’s current musical direction.

How are you feeling about Chance the Rapper’s first single of 2021?

Quotable Lyrics

I want the beat to feel like diegesis
I’m tired of politicians tryna sell us diet Jesus
That’s like dialysis was tryna sell us diabetes
Act like you was born yesterday and you gon’ die a fetus
The mind’s philosophy is old as Thales of Miletus
The mind is quite elitist, that’s why they like choir preachers
They buy our leaders easier than I can buy a feature

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