New & Hottest Songs – March 2021 – Pt.20

Tyler, The Creator Embraces The Odd On “Tell Me How (Coca-Cola Commercial)”

2021 Columbia Records

2021 Columbia Records

er, The Creator brings listeners into his strange world with the largely instrumental soundtrack to Coca-Cola’s new ad.

Tyler, The Creator has come a long way, from engaging in juvenile debauchery to securing Grammy awards to landing major commercial deals. On the latter topic, Tyler recently provided the score for a new Coca-Cola commercial, where he decided to embrace some of his oddest instincts and craft a truly bizarre soundscape for the occasion. While it’s hardly a typical Tyler track, the largely-instrumental cut certainly features some of his hallmark staples, as up-tempo percussion and jarring synthesizers combine in one sugar-fueled package.

While it’s unclear as to whether or not “Tell Me How” will actually make listeners want to consume Coca-Cola, it’s certainly interesting that this is the music he delivered for the established soda brand. Though it’s probably not going to crack even the most generous list of “best hip-hop commercial compositions,” with Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre‘s Beats ad still reigning supreme (and the DJ Quik-produced Foot Locker cypher not far behind), it’s still cool to see Tyler enter the fold behind such a major brand. Check it out for yourself below, in full innuendo-heavy glory.

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