With millions of fans worldwide, we can only imagine how many DMs Lizzo receives from men trying to shoot their shot. However, we’re curious to know if any of them are as persistent as BFB Da Packman, a rising artist out of Michigan who has recently gained recognition for continuing his postal service job while carrying on with his rap career. Aside from being a hardworking USPS rapper, Packman is also known for his relentless pursuit of Lizzo, and he shared a “how it started vs. how it’s going” post over on his Instagram page.

It all began when Da Packman seemed to slide into Lizzo‘s DMs by using Quavo‘s “glacier” line that he pulled on Saweetie. The rapper showed that he’d been DMing the Grammy winner with no response, but that didn’t stop him from making her his “Woman Crush Thursday.” Then, Packman posted the receipt for the $339 flower arrangement he purchased for Lizzo for Valentine’s Day.

Later, Lizzo addressed the adoration while on Instagram Live. She said that the rapper also learned to play the flute so he could serenade her and mentioned that she’s not looking for one man, but if he’d like to add his name to the list he’s more than welcome. Swipe below to check it all out.