Yesterday, J.I.D. sparked hype by tweeting out his appreciation for Metro Boomin, a post that immediately had fans clamoring for a collaboration. In a stroke of brilliant fortune, it would appear that is exactly what’s in the midst of transpiring, as evidenced by a few follow-up tweets from Metro and Spillage Village affiliate Lou Spill. Though the intended destination is unclear, it seems likely that the duo are cooking up for J.I.D’s upcoming follow-up to 2018’s DiCaprio 2, tentatively titled The Forever Story. 

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

“Dis man @MetroBoomin one da most talented and realest innnit,” wrote J.I.D, a message that went on to spark a promising response from Metro. “Likewise my boy it takes 1 to know 1 4sho we applying PRESSURE,” he answers, his wording all but solidifying that a studio session is underway. And while it’s certainly speculative as to what’s being concocted, Spillage Village affiliate Lou Spill shed some light on what might be expected.

“@JIDsv & @MetroBoomin makin some of the craziest shit I’ve heard in a minute,” writes Spill, clearly having spent time observing the session in action. “Watchin em work it’s like they both respect each other’s craft so much they both goin crazy to make sure they do each other justice.” A promising assessment indeed, and we can only hope to hear one of Metro’s iconic tags — or if we’re really lucky, more than one — on J.I.D’s upcoming Forever Story album. After all, these are two of Atlanta’s most talented artists right now, and hearing them collaborate for the first time should make for an exciting hip-hop moment.

Are you excited to hear whatever they have cooking up?