It’s been a relatively lengthy wait between projects for J.I.D fans, with the Atlanta rapper’s most recent album landing with November 2018’s DiCaprio 2. And while he did put in serious work on Dreamville’s compilation Revenge Of The Dreamers 3, where his presence was both scene-stealing and substantial, many have been eagerly awaiting to see how he approaches his upcoming release, tentatively titled The Forever Story.


Dave Pedley/Getty Images 

Unfortunately, not much has been revealed surrounding J.I.D’s next album, save for confirmation that Cordae would be likely to lend a verse when the big release comes. In addition, No I.D was originally rumored to play an integral role in the production process, though not many updates have been shared on that front; otherwise, all bets are off. Today, however, J.I.D. took a moment to give flowers to a fellow Atlanta innovator — producer extraordinaire Metro Boomin — a message that unsurprisingly sparked hype from fans eager for a collaboration.

“dis man @MetroBoomin one da most talented and realest innnit,” writes J.I.D, over the weekend. It’s unclear what sparked his decision to praise Metro, but it certainly left many wondering how the pair would mesh on wax. The thought of J.I.D. blessing a few Metro Boomin bangers on The Forever Story is a welcome thought, and one has to wonder if this message will ultimately open the door for a link-up. And if not, it’s still nice to see J.I.D. give praise to one of his peers, even if nothing ultimately comes of it.

Are you excited to catch The Forever Story when it eventually releases? If so, be sure to catch J.I.D’s recent single “Skegee” right here.