DaniLeigh continues to be the aim of the wrath of countless social media users long after previewing her controversial unreleased “Yellow Bone” song, which many accused of being a “colorist anthem.” She’s since apologized numerous times for the song, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from continuing to troll the “Easy” singer. DaniLeigh once again responded to a few critics on her Twitter account Sunday (February 28), eventually getting into a heated exchange with Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Akbar V.

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

“I want to tell you baby you are no Black no matter how many black wigs u let them put on you baby,” tweeted the outspoken Atlanta rapper to DaniLeigh. She clapped back with, “Keep making music I’ll never hear,” and from there the two continued to bicker. DaniLeigh held that she wasn’t trying to “be anyone but myself,” while once again saying she didn’t even know who Akbar was.

“U still not Black,” continued Akbar V, which launched DaBaby‘s ex into a discussion about her recent album Movie, adding she had features from PartyNextDoorLil BabyGunna, and more. Akbar then shifted the conversation to address the “Yellow Bone” controversy.

“I want u to stop color shaming cause I really wasn’t being funny u started the sing then started with I don’t give a f*ck altitude we are really Black my Black women go threw enough for u to make fun of it,” Akbar said in a tweet.

DaniLeigh reiterated she “wasn’t saying it to shame someone…especially they color.” When asked by another user if she’d be willing to apologize, she revealed she felt she had already “took accountability” for her actions. She went on to add her problem with people referring to her as “a white girl” and said she was Dominican “with a whole bunch of sh*t in me.”

Check out more tweets from the lengthy exchange below.