Logic’s “Doctor Destruction” Invades For “Planetory Destruction”


Logic’s new signee Doctor Destruction delivers his conceptually-driven project “Planetory Destruction,” featuring suspiciously pitched-down vocals.

Last night, Logic premiered the debut album of his latest Bobby Boy signee Doctor Destruction, a masked entity that may or may not be an alter-ego — the jury is still out on that front. In any case, Destruction’s debut album Planetory Destruction has officially landed in full, as shared repeatedly on Logic’s social media pages. Whoever the mind behind the project actually is (some have speculated that Doc is actually Logic’s brother), it’s clear that they intended on building a conceptually rich and science fiction-inspired odyssey, one that Logic’s fans will likely devour with glee.

As an emcee, Destruction’s cadence is suspiciously pitched-down, and his flow does bear a striking resemblance to the man who signed his contract. And while there are plenty of bars to be found throughout, for the most part, Planetory Destruction is an odyssey that fires on all cylinders. Sometimes, chapters of the journey are left to unfold through music alone; other times, through strange monologues and satirical radio broadcasts. With features from Ghostface Killah, Del The Funkee Homosapien, Big Lenbo, Punch and more, Doctor Destruction’s debut should make for an interesting listen for any Logic fan — check it out for yourself now, and sound off with your thoughts on the creative release.

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