New & Hottest Songs – January 2021 – Pt.37

Run The Jewels’ “Ooh La La” Remixed By Mexican Institution Of Sound

2020 Jewel Runners LLC

2020 Jewel Runners LLC

El-P and Killer Mike’s “Ooh La La” gets a new remix from the Mexican Institute Of Sound, featuring additional contributions from Santa Fe Klan.

While Run The Jewels‘ RTJ4 single “Ooh La La” took a page out of French culture, this latest remix by the Mexican Institute Of Sound takes things south of the border for a revised version. Also featuring guest contributions from the Santa Fe Klan, this latest remix from the Jewel Runner camp leans headlong into the Mexican vibe, implementing horns and additional emphasis on percussion into the mix.

While there isn’t much to unpack about the track itself, given how it’s become quite familiar to RTJ fans, it’s always interesting to see how other artists visualize their existing music. In fact, it’s a testament to the versatility of both El-P and Killer Mike, both of whom tend to sound at home no matter what style of instrumental their over — hell, El-P once reimagined their entire debut album using only cat sounds. Check out the Mexican Institute Of Sound Remix to “Ooh La La” right here, and sound off if you’ve been keeping RTJ4 in steady rotation.


Lookin’ for M’s like I lost a friend
Jump out of my bed like “Where the bread?”
You gon’ hold the egg, waiter bring the check
When we talk, we Kalashnikov, keep us in your thoughts
Fully dressed at the crack of dawn, weapons letting off
I can hear them from the block, see them creeping through the fog

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