30 Years Ago, DJ Quik Entered The Game With “Tonite”

DJ Quik 1991

DJ Quik 1991

Thirty years ago, DJ Quik slide into the rap game with a vengeance with the release of his debut album “Quik Is The Name.”

Though DJ Quik needs no introduction at this point, there was once a time when the Compton emcee was looking to put himself on the map. That time arrived thirty years ago to this day, upon the release of his debut album Quik Is The Name, a classic piece of West Coast history. Consider that at the time of its release, however, Quik was still looking to make a splash, fueled by creativity, an underrated flow, and some serious production chops. All of those elements came together on “Tonite,” the project’s second single.

Do this day, the bouncy track remains a fan favorite, its opening lines as infectious as the synth-driven beat. “A day in the life of a playa named Quik, I’m just a stubborn kinda fella with a head like a brick,” he raps. “Just because I drink the 8, they say that I’m hopeless / but I don’t give a fuck so blame it on the loc-ness.” Though largely celebrated for his beat-making acumen, Quik’s flow is as deadly as any man’s, and new listeners should pay due homage to the legendary emcee.

Check this one out now, especially if you’re feeling nostalgic, and sound off — what’s your favorite album from DJ Quik?


A day in the life of a player named Quik
I’m just a stubborn kind of fellow with a head like a brick
And just because I drink the eight, they say that I’m hopeless
But I don’t give a fuck, so blame it on the loc-ness

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