Cookin Soul Releases “MF DOOM Tribute” Project


Cookin Soul pays homage to the late MF DOOM with a new remix project.

2020 was filled with uncertainty but no one would’ve expected hip-hop’s most prized villain to have passed away. On Dec. 31st, a statement on his Instagram page revealed that the rapper had passed away on Oct. 31st. Fans, friends, and peers mourned his death on social media and reflected on the impact he had on the game.

To celebrate his life, influence, and contributions to the game, Cookin Soul slid through with a new project paying homage to the late masked rapper, aptly titled, MF DOOM Tribute. The project is 10 tracks of remixes of DOOM classics with an outro featuring a sound bit from Madlib discussing his work process with DOOM.

Check out the project from Cookin Soul below. Sound off in the comments with your favorite track.

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