Few things in life are certain. As Royce Da 5’9″ once so eloquently pointed out, death is one such thing. So too, in an unexpected turn no less, is Benzino’s undying hatred for Eminem and all who love him (including Joyner Lucas, who recently received his first dose of Zino scorn). Ever since the pair engaged in a brutal beef on wax that helped develop Eminem’s reputation as one of the game’s most feared opponents, the embers in Benzino’s fire of hatred have yet to snuff out.

Benzino Royce Eminem

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

This past year, Zino has been relatively vocal in his utter disdain for Slim Shady, and his Bad Meets Evil compatriot Royce Da 5’9 was recently dragged into the crosshairs. After the former Source employee found himself embroiled in a war of words with the Grammy-nominated Allegory lyricist — one that popped off after Zino co-signed Lil Pump‘s misguided attempt at staying relevant — Benzino attempted to go for the fatality by challenging Royce to a Verzuz battle.

“I know for a fact my catalog better than Royce’s, somebody set up a Verzuz,” wrote Zino, prompting a retaliatory teardown from Royce, who seemed to find the whole situation amusing. “You all owe me for these laughs,” he responded, by way of his Instagram page. “I want my flowers for these hysterical outbursts during these trying times. This motafucka done challenged me to a Verzuz battle.” Naturally, Royce’s post sparked replies ranging from incredulous to downright awestruck by the audacity.

In fact, it even drew Rihanna into the fold, who offered her own take on the matter by way of a single, yet notably telling emoji: the facepalm. It should be noted that Rihanna has not, as of yet, addressed Eminem’s recent apology made on “Zeus,” one made after a disrespectful verse on “Things Get Worse” leaked. Still, if this reaction is any indication, it’s clear that Rihanna still has love for the Bad Meets Evil team — or at the very least a dislike of Benzino. Check out her reaction below.