New & Hottest Songs – December 2020 – Pt.85

J Stone Unites Nipsey Hussle & T.I. On “Started Wit Nothin”

2020 All Money In No Money Out / No Breaks

2020 All Money In No Money Out / No Breaks

J Stone secures a posthumous verse from Nipsey Hussle and another from T.I for the hard-hitting banger “Started Wit Nothin.”

 J Stone was a close friend and collaborator of Nipsey Hussle, having been signed to the late Victory Lap rapper’s label All Money In. Now, Stone has come through to deliver his brand new album The Definition Of Pain, a project that features a pair of posthumous verses from Neighborhood Nip, including one on “LeBron James” with Dom Kennedy. Stone and Hussle also reconnect on “Started Wit Nothin,” a track that also features vocals from T.I, capturing that true posse cut spirit.

As per usual when listening to posthumous music, Nipsey Hussle’s bars are bittersweet to digest; on one hand, it’s refreshing to hear him effortlessly bodying the instrumental, asserting that same confident swagger that elevated his business acumen. On the other hand, it stands as a reminder that posthumous verses, unfortunately, run out, reiterating the fact that we’ll never hear new music from Nipsey Hussle again. For the most part, Stone’s standout collab with Nip and Tip is a breath of fresh air, especially given that all three parties put in serious work over 206Derek, MTK, and Matt Spatola’s production.

Check it out for yourself now, and sound off if you think J Stone, Nipsey Hussle, and Tip’s “Started Wit Nothin” is a banger.


Young made n***a, dropped out the tenth grade, n***a
Rolex is my wave n***a, got Malcolm X on my chain, n***a
Tony Montana my cuban or better yet Eric Wright n***a we Ruthless
Came in this game and got crackin while these other n***as was making excuses

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