New & Hottest Songs – December 2020 – Pt.81

Flee Lord & Busta Rhymes Secure “Major Distribution”

2020 LordMob

2020 LordMob

Flee Lord gets Busta Rhymes in his crime-rap bag on the standout duet “Major Distribution,” produced by Havoc.

Yesterday marked the release of Flee Lord’s brand new album In The Name Of Prodigyproduced in its entirety by Havoc. With the legendary Mobb Deep rapper’s presence imbued throughout the project’s spirit, it’s as fitting a homage as we’ve seen so far. And while there are plenty of hard bars and impeccably-crafted beats to be found, one of the early highlights comes by way of the Busta Rhymes-assisted “Major Distribution,” which finds the Dungeon Dragon taking to the streets by nightfall.

Over Havoc’s grimy yet oddly soothing production, Flee Lord sets the tone with his opening verse. “Strapped like high forces, backed by five torches,” he spits. “You keep peeping out your side-eye trying to vibe off us.” From there Busta holds down both a chorus and a verse, getting into his coke-rap bag as he tends to do when the Griselda affiliates come-a-knocking. “Cook n***a, why you got the coka burning in the pot?” he snarls. “Crustys waiting for the serving, peep the line-up from the spot / police rush the gate watch how they line up when it’s hot.”

Check out the grimy duet now, and be sure to peep Flee Lord’s In The Name Of Prodigy for much more where that came from.


Cook n***a, why you got the coka burning in the pot?
Crustys waiting for the serving, peep the line-up from the spot
Police rush the gate watch how they line up when it’s hot

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