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Davido & Wale Connect With Cheque On “Zoom (Remix)”

Via Artist

Via Artist

Superboy Cheque taps in with Davido and Wale for the remix of his hit record, “Zoom.”

If you’ve been tuned into the world of afrobeats, then you’ve probably heard a few tracks from Cheque by now. The Nigerian artist has been blowing up off of the strength of his 2020 EP, Razor as well as the hit single from the project, “Zoom.” Before we enter a new year and close out 2020, Superboy Cheque is keeping the momentum high with a brand new remix of the hit record as we head into the holidays. Davido and Wale make appearances on the track, reinvigorating the slow-burning anthem with inspiring verses.

Cheque’s already racked up millions of plays on the original. We don’t doubt that he’ll rack up millions more with the remix. Check out his new track below.

Quotable Lyrics
N***as hate what they don’t know, throw me shade and I observe
Don’t give me favors I don’t need, don’t give me things I don’t want
Gettin’ my mind right, we trying to be God like
Somebody could fire on you for havin’ the Lord ice

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