New & Hottest Songs – November 2020 – Pt.75

GoldLink Gets Experimental On “Best Rapper In The Fuckin World”

Image via GoldLink

Image via GoldLink

GoldLink provides an interesting new soundscape with “Best Rapper In The Fuckin World.”

GoldLink has been one of the more consistent artists in the hip-hop world over the past few years as he has come through with some dope singles as well as some great albums. As a result of his success, fans have been asking for new GoldLink music, and today, he came through with a brand new track called “Best Rapper In The Fuckin World.”

What is immediately noticeable here, is just how experimental the song is. While the production begins with a nice vocal sample, it quickly devolves into madness as GoldLink provides sporadic lines containing braggadocios lyrics. His vocals sound as though he is somehow beneath the beat, and in terms of sound, it is unlike anything GoldLink has put out before.

Check out the track below, and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

Baby like when talk like this but you still ride baby momma whip
Pac when I get too real
Pop then I got two deals
Ant won’t do it then Luke will
And the gun jam and I shoot still

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