Drake is a man of many talents. He can rap, sing, and act. He’s a triple threat that came into the industry strong and continued thriving over all these years. However, we’ve also noticed that with the wealth he’s acquired in this time, he’s made a concerted effort in becoming a better athlete. He’s hired professional NBA trainers to help him with his jump shot that he’s put to use in his Toronto rec league with the rest of the OVO affiliates.

Unfortunately, it seems that Drake‘s jumper hasn’t been put to good use when it comes to beer pong. Post explained in a recent interview “with Jimmy Fallon that he went face-to-face against the 6ix God in Toronto, only to realize that Drake “sucks.”

“Drake’s no good,” he said. “He came backstage at the show in Toronto and we started playing beer pong. And I was like, ‘Man, he sucks.’ If you see this, come meet me again. We’ll play again.”

Post Malone divulged on his new show Post Malone’s Celebrity Beer Pong league debuting on Messenger’s “Watch Together” feature. Posty has his sights set on actually releasing new music in the near future but he also divulged on some of the people he’s faced off against including Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

“They had just won the Super Bowl and I’m like, well, you know, there’s no way I’m going to say no because I’m the best player,” Post said. A couple games deep, and Post found himself on the losing side to the NFL players. Eventually, Post wagered that he’d get a tattoo of the KCC logo and their autographs if he lost. Ultimately, he did.

Unfortunately, Post might not entirely be invincible against star athletes. Kevin Durant apparently also whooped Post’s ass but the singer blamed it on KD’s wingspan.

Check the interview out below.