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Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Link Up With Babyface For “He Don’t Know Nothin’ Bout It”

Image via Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

Image via Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Babyface come through with some mature r&b on their new collaborative effort.

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are two giants of the r&b world. These two legendary producers have been working together for many years and they have delivered a plethora of platinum hits all while securing Grammy awards. Surprisingly, the two have never dropped a project together but that is about to change. The two recently announced a new album and the first single from it is a track called “He Don’t Know Nothin’ Bout It” which features the equally legendary Babyface.

This song contains lyrics about want to woo a woman away from a man who is quite clearly, very corny. Babyface speaks on how the guy isn’t everything she thinks he is, and that Babyface is way more worthy of the woman’s love. The instrumental contains that smooth adult r&b sound that made Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis so popular, which means if you like this style of r&b, you’re going to love this track.

Quotable Lyrics:

Talkin’ ’bout all of thosе things he’s goin’ buy for you
Can’t even get a loan (Can’t even get a loan)
Runnin’ ’round town frontin’ like he take good care of you
But everybody knows (Everybody knows), uh
How can a guy think he fly

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