It’s a hard truth, but there are some people who would simply refuse to give The Migos their flowers, despite the influence they’ve had on the game — especially in recent years. Though they didn’t invent the triplet flow — that credit would probably go to Jaz-O, who mentored a young Jay-Z in the early days — they certainly added a fresh coat of paint for the modern trap-heavy landscape.

Migos Wale

 Leon Bennett/FilmMagic/Getty Images

While some lyricists might balk at the notion, Wale has come forward to throw his support behind the Atlanta trio, going so far as to declare the Migos to have the most influential flow of the past decade. Not only the past five years mind you, but decade, period. Fielding the question from Genius’ Twitter page, Wale opted to champion for OffsetQuavo, and Takeoff‘s cause.  Curiously, Wale’s appraisal of the Migos flow is close to mirroring that of Nick Cannon, who recently granted them the fourth-best spot on his own Top 5 list.

Perhaps a new wave of Migos appreciation is underway, and the timing couldn’t be better. The trifecta has been steadily delaying their anticipated Culture II follow-up, having recently changed the name from Culture 3 to something else entirely. It should be noted that some have grown a little fatigued of the Migos sound, which in a way further validates their influence; it’s likely that hearing their signature flow emulated at such great lengths played a role in the dulling of their momentum.

Do you agree with Wale’s assessment? And more importantly, is it time to start putting some respect on the Migos name once and for all?