More than two years have passed since the tragic and untimely death of XXXTentacion.

The rapper was killed in broad daylight, being targeted by four men as he left a motorsports store in Florida. His killers remain in police custody as they await their trials.

Over the years, XXXTentacion’s mother Cleopatra Bernard has shared countless tributes to her late son, but we rarely hear from his father, Dwayne Onfroy. This weekend, Dwayne opened up about a vivid dream he had about X, sending the rapper a message via his Instagram Stories.

“I saw you in a dream last night,” said Dwayne about his son XXXTentacion. “You were singing a new song I’ve never heard. Your voice sounded more mature. You looked a bit taller in the dream as well. I noticed a couple things about you. You were dressed as you were as a kid, you had on a black hoodie zipped all the way down and usual you had on no under shirt. What I also noticed though is that you were happy. When You would come spend time with me in WEST PALM BEACH I used to chase you to go put on a shirt.”

Dwayne’s message continues with an update on how the world is today, referencing the COVID-19 pandemic and X’s impact as an artist.

“A lot has happened since you left,” he says. “The world has changed dramatically. There’s this VIRUS THEY ARE CALLING COVID-19 aka RONA (is that you). A lot of people have died from it. YOU HAVE A SON HIS NAME IS GEKYUME I ALWAYS TOLD YOU THAT YOU WOULD MAKE ME A GRANDFATHER at a young age lol. Wish you could see him but I know from the other side you can’t so I will be your bridge AFTER ALL YOU CAME FROM MY BALLS TOO (I know I know I’m always using that as my trump card in a conversation.”

Onfroy goes on to say that, even when he’s happy, he’s still mourning. He tells XXX that the youth views him as this generation’s Tupac or John Lennon, inspiring a new generation with his music.

Rest in peace to XXXTentacion.