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Kid Cudi Went Dark On Cage-Assisted “Maniac”

2010 Universal Motown Records

2010 Universal Motown Records

Ten years ago, Kid Cudi and Cage connected to deliver “Maniac,” a haunting standout from “Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager.”

It’s never easy picking up where one left off, especially in the world of hip-hop. As a general rule, sequels tend to follow a universally acclaimed classic, a pattern that inherently raises the expectations and stakes in tandem. For Kid Cudi, that challenge came with the release of Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager, a continuation of his acclaimed 2009 debut album Man On The Moon.

For Cudi, the project was the opportunity to explore new themes and artistic directions, though some of his riskier moments of experimentation proved divisive to fans. Ten years since its initial release, however, is it fair to say that reception toward The Legend Of Mr. Rager has changed for the better? In honor of the project’s milestone anniversary, we’ve chosen to highlight one of Cudi’s more thematically darker tracks in “Maniac,” a collaboration that saw him teaming up with underground lyricist Cage. Known for his macabre and introspective work on Movies For The Blind and Hellz Winter. Together, they connected to deliver some truly disturbing visuals, one that showcased the darker side of Mr. Rager.

Check it out once again right here, and sound off — with a decade to resonate, how do you ultimately feel about Kid Cudi‘s once-divisive sequel?


I wear my shades at night so I can look in the abyss
I see something in nothingness if you can picture this
Put black holes in my jar lid, I climb the wall
I’m too high now, I’ll die from the fall
Before the water’s to our knees, we can’t climb when the trees
Wash away, you and I are the disease

– Cage

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