Royce Da 5’9″ is for the people. Yesterday afternoon, the Detroit legend actively led by example, hitting up the local polling station to provide voters with some quality entertainment. Having officially joined the Election Defenders’ #JoyToThePolls initiative, Nickel pulled up to bless those waiting in line with a performance of his classic tune “Boom,” produced by DJ Premier. For many, the Rock City anthem served as an introduction to his talents, remaining a fan-favorite to this day.

Royce Da 5'9"

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In the footage, which has since been circulating across social media, Royce can be seen spitting some bars beside a #JoyToThePolls truck, bringing “Boom” to life without missing a stride. All the while, he’s got the mask on for protection from COVID-19, showing his dedication to keeping a safe environment. If anything, the protective gear goes to show how solid his breath control really is, though it’s unlikely to stop the scores of anti-maskers from their hang-wringing.

It should be noted that Joe Biden has, as of this moment, officially turned Michigan blue with a key victory — though it’s likely that Donald Trump and his team will continue to fight tooth and nail against the verdict. One has to wonder if Royce and Eminem’s Biden endorsements ultimately went on to have an impact on the Michigan outcome, as Donald Trump previously held the state back in 2016. Either way, it bodes well to see artists stepping up to provide entertainment for those vying to make a difference. Much respect to Nickel for holding it down and bringing “Boom” to the masses.