DaBaby was recently struck with another personal tragedy after his brother Glen Johnson took his own life on November 3rd. Fans of the North Carolina rapper might recognize some of “Intro” as being about Johnson, with DaBaby rapping “My brother be thinkin’ that we don’t love him and let him struggle like we ain’t family / Like I won’t give up all I got to see you happy, n**ga.” Following Johnson’s death, DaBaby implored listeners to “check on your people,” as you never know when somebody is grappling with their own challenges.

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Now, DaBaby has come forward to offer further words on the situation. “Death don’t phase me at all,” he begins. “Watching my family suffer does. GOD watch over my family, my mama, my neices & nephew & they mama, my brother. Don’t worry bout me take whatever you was do for me and pour it into me. & keep me cool, cuz God you know! The world don’t. Amen.”

DaBaby’s powerful prayer was met with support from his followers, many of whom offered condolences and well wishes during this trying time. It’s no secret that the rapper has been deeply impacted by the death of his father, to whom he dedicated his 2019 album KirkOnce again left grappling with yet another familial death, we can only hope that DaBaby is able to find the strength to remain focused. Be sure to keep the rapper in your thoughts, and heed his advice by making sure you check up on the well-being of your inner circle.