Wale Wants To Drop New Music This Week

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From the sound of it, Wale is itching to drop off some new music before the end of the week, sparking speculation that an album is imminent.

Though 2020 has failed to deliver on so-oh-many different fronts, it’s been a solid enough time to be a Wale fan. Not only did the rapper slide into the doomed year with his recent Wow…That’s Crazy album under his belt, but he also delivered the highly topical and musically diverse The Imperfect Storma response to the death of George Floyd and the ensuing protests. And seeing as he’s been steadily cooking up in the studio, including at a recent session with Meek Mill, some have been wondering whether or not the MMG lyricist intended to close out the year with a bang.


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From the sound of it, Wale intends on doing exactly that. Taking to Twitter, he opened the door to the possibility of some new music, contemplating dropping off a surprise at some point this week. “I think I’m gonna drop some music this week,” he muses. “What you think.” Naturally, many of his fans responded favorably to the proposal, with some even wondering whether Wale has been sitting on an album this whole time. Given how fast artists have been churning out full projects, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Wale follow suit in that regard.

Though the expected date would normally be Friday, November 6th (the same day as Nav and Wheezy’s upcoming Emergency Tsunami), Wale did flip the script by suggesting the possibility of an earlier release. He also teased the possibility of a “Barry Sanders pt 2,” albeit under a different name, which seems to indicate that he does have something a little bigger on the horizon. Look for him to shine further light on his gameplan at some point this week — are you excited for some new Wale?



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